Fitness Assessment- "The First Step"

 The Fitness Assessment  is the first step to deciding what program or class is best for the youth.  NFD has the YES! Fitness program which has 1000's of hours of participation and has been proven to show results when followed by the clients.

Offering a free initial fitness assessment allows guests to learn their  current fitness level and  identify areas for growth.  Through careful  observation, asking about goals, and a completed fitness assessment, the  YES! Certified Coach  can  recommend the best plan of action and  program for success.   Accurate results are necessary, so it is  important to follow a strict protocol when conducting a fitness  assessment.  Even the warm –up plays an integral part in  the assessment  as the coach will observe movement, coordination and response to  auditory cues to identify any areas of concern.  For a guest, this is  often their first interaction with a coach.  We take the time to engage  them, keep in mind that many youth will feel a little anxious about  “testing,” so we try to explain and put them at ease.  High fives and  encouragement goes a long way!  Your coach should identify any special  circumstances before the assessment through an introduction and asking a  few questions about  goals and why the family visited NFD.   During the assessment, the coach will be encouraging, upbeat and engaging.  This is the HEART of YES! in action!

​The Initial Fitness Assessment is the best tool to  measure baseline fitness, and consists of exercises designed to measure  specific areas of overall conditioning.  Subsequent assessments help  measure improvement, determine areas for continued attention and create  and achieve goals.

Initial Fitness Assessment Tools

The Sit & Reach:  The sit and reach test  is an important functional measure of hip region flexibility, including  the lower back and hamstring muscles (the back of the legs).

The Thirty Second Push Up Test:  The push up test is commonly used as a general test of upper body strength.

The One Minute Step Test: The one minute step test measures coordination and endurance over an extended
period of time.

The Standing Broad JumpThe broad jump measures lower body strength and horizontal explosive power of the legs.

The Dynamic Vertical JumpThe vertical jump measures lower body strength through vertical explosiveness.

The Nine Dot DrillThe nine dot drill assessment is designed to measure coordination and spatial awareness.

The Power Assessment adds three tests to the Initial Assessment tests. These test are designed to measure youths speed and agility.

Power Assessment Tools

​The Five-Ten-Five Drill and  Ten Yard Dash​ are added to the initial list of assessments.