Families In Need

We will have families from time to time that want to participate in our programs and services but for financial reasons can not. The need is usually great, but the resources our few.  This is our chance to help this family in need and as the NFD community comes together watch what happens with changing the lives of those families.

How the Request and How Sponsorship Works

First step is to make us aware of the situation & tell us the need. Next our  Care Committee approves the plan and then connects family's with other family's that are willing to help financially. 

The other option is for local businesses to attach their "The HEART of YES!" to that family and sponsor them on their health and fitness journey.

Monthly Reporting and Updates

The sponsored family is required to follow the MY YES! program outline. The expectation is that because of the help this family is now receiving they are even more committed to not just themselves but the sponsoring family or business as well.. That is the accountability/community partner to go with them on this journey .. We look forward to the video's and pictures to share the progress.  #letsgrow